• Amritsari Bheega Samosa Chaat

    The perfect adaptation of crushed samosa, warm chickpea curry, mint-cilantro chutney, sweet chutney, onions and spices.
  • Baked Aloo Chaat

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  • Bhalla Papdi Chaat

    A tea-time favorites. Deep fired crackers, crushed bhalla, chickpeas, onion, house special sauce with beaten yogurt, sev, spices.
  • Bhel Puri

    Bhel Puri
    Famous savory snack from Mumbai. Puffed rice mixed with sweet and tangy tamarind chutney, spicy cilantro-mint chutney, chopped onions, tomato, and cilantro. Topped up with sev.
  • Chana Chaat

    Good healthy protein source, boiled white & black chickpeas, whole moong beans, onions, tomatoes, lime, spices, and cilantro.
  • Dahi Batata Puri

    Dahi Batata Puri
    Bombay special palate hollow shells filled with potato, chickpea, onions, house special chutney, beaten yogurt and garnished with sev.
  • Fried Idli Masala Chaat

    Amazingly-delicious treat consists of fried idli cubes tempered with Indian spices.
  • Gol Gappa Basket (24pc)

    A basket of 24 pieces gol gappa for those who just can’t get enough.
  • Gol Gol Gape (8 PCS)

    Hollow crusty shell filled with flavour water, potato, chickpea mix and tamarind chutney.
  • Happy di Basket Chaat

    Lucknawi nawabi style *an edible potato basket * deep fried potatoes filled with chaat, chutneys and savouries.
  • Jalapeno Chaat

    This is filler content for Jalapeno Chaat
  • Karari Papdi Chaat

    Famous northern India crunchy and tasty, flavorful. deep fired crackers, crushed bhalla, chickpeas, onion, house specail sauce with beaten yogurt, sev, spices.
  • Masala Aloo Chaat

    Delhi special chaat fried potato cubes, topped with tamarind chutney, mint-cilantro chutney and spices.
  • Masala Puri (with ragda)

    Southern Indian style chatpata chaat with spicy, tangy flavourful dried green pea stuffed in pani puri.
  • Mixed Punjabi Chaat

    Special concoction of flavors full and textures. Papdis, bhel mix, chickpeas, tomato, onion, house special chutney, spices, topped with sev.
  • Mumbai Sev Puri

    Brilliant blend of textures and flavors on flat round poori topped with diced potatoes, onions, chana dal, and sev with cilantro-mint chutney, sweet chutney.
  • Ragada Puri

    Popular tasty Indian street food. Hollow poori filled with dry green peas curry, sweet tamarind chutney, mint-cilantro chutney, onions and topped with sev.
  • Raj Kachori

    The king of kachoris! A large kachori shell filled with papdi, bhalla, potatoes, onion, mint-cilantro chutney, sweet chutney, beaten yogurt, topped with sev.
  • Samosa Chutney

    Savory pastry filling of spiced potatoes and green peas served with mint chutney and sweet chutney.
  • Sprouted Chana Chaat

    Nutritious healthy sprouts chaat mix with onions, tomatoes coriander with flavorful spices.
  • Tawa Tikki Chaat (single)

    A paradise for all potato lovers! Potato croquettes with Indian spices. Served with mint-cilantro chutney, sweet chutney, beaten yogurt, onions and spices.